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Commited to helping the legal tech industry

The Global LegalTech Hub is an initiative that brings together different operators (professionals, startups, companies, institutions and the academic world) to write the future of a new legal industry leveraged by technological innovation.

Laura Urquizu

CEO Redpoints

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Francesc Muñoz

Vice President
CTO Cuatrecasas

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Albert Ferré

Vice President
CEO Albert Ferré Advocats

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Albert Jané

Secretary of the Board
Partner Jané - Advocats

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Ferran Sala

Vice President
CEO  vLex Europe

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Sergio Esteve de Miguel

Co-founder Bigle Legal

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What is our vision?


Understanding digital transformation involves understanding how technology transforms the legal practice and the business model. 

The legal service business is being disrupted by new actors that are redefining how the legal services are distributed.Technologies like AI, the new conversational interfaces or the distributed blockchain technologies are pushing the boundaries of legal service production.

New digital tools and services are disrupting the legal sector.

What does GLTH offer?

1. Be part of a collaborative and international LegalTech Hub

2. Give visibility to the company's brand image

3. Connection with investors

4. Help find financing

5. Collaboration in Legal Tech projects

6. Networking with top companies of the sector

7. Attendance at exclusive events and expert talks

8. Promote the digital transformation initiatives

Legaltech Corporates


Law Firms

Academic Institutions

What is our mission?


Lead the change:

 We aim to lead the transformation process of the legal industry. 

We'll do it globally by promoting local chapters of the hub.

Knowledge community: 

We bring together people around the industry to create and share knowledge.


We connect relevant people around the world to make the legaltech industry a reality.

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