The GLTH proposes its members to be part of a community of knowledge, a promotion and business platform with the goal of fostering innovation and collaboration in the sector

  • Boost branding and growth in the industry
  • Give visibility to the company's brand image
  • Connection with investors
  • Help find financing
  • Collaboration in Legal Tech projects
  • Networking with top companies of the sector
  • Attendance at exclusive events and expert talks
  • Promote the digital transformation initiatives
  • Be part of a collaborative and international LegalTech Hub
1- Hub promotion
Global promotion of the hub
  1. Partner management
  2. Annual corporate / startup event
  3. International Network and chapters of GLTH
2. Marketplace
Meeting point between knowledge and technology providers and companies looking for legaltech solutions.
Co-creation startups-corporates-law firms
Annual corporate / startup event