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Oriol Miralbell joins the GLTH team as the leader of the Operations area

Our team adds talent, desire to grow, and legaltech drive. In this interview, we introduce you to Oriol Miralbell, from Legal Pigeon, who will lead the Operations area of GLTH with the aim of optimizing internal processes and making partner collaboration more efficient.

1. Oriol, could you briefly tell us about your previous experience and how you came to join GLTH?

My previous experience includes working as a litigator in a major law firm. I have always been interested in the application of technology in the legal field to improve processes and optimize resources. This mindset led me to found Legal Pigeon, a platform that connects legal professionals in Spain to facilitate substitutions of court appearances among lawyers. I came to the Global Legaltech Hub looking to expand my knowledge and collaborate with other professionals interested in the same field.

2. What are the main challenges you expect to face in your new role at GLTH?

My main challenge at the Global Legaltech Hub will be to contribute my bit to support the Hub in remaining the reference entity within the legaltech sector. The Global Legaltech Hub is a broad organization with worldwide projection. My main role will be to help optimize internal processes and make communication and collaboration between its members and partners more efficient, to ensure that knowledge sharing and innovation promotion in the legal sector continue.

3. How do you plan to address these challenges and what strategies do you have in mind to overcome them?

My main goal at the Global Legaltech Hub will be to understand how all internal processes are structured and apply measures, mainly technologies, to improve them. By optimizing these processes, operations will be streamlined and better support will be provided to partners, allowing the Hub to continue being a reference in the legaltech sector and fostering a favorable environment for innovation and collaboration in the legal field.

4. What motivated you to join GLTH and what excites you most about working at the world's largest legaltech hub?

I was motivated to join the Global Legaltech Hub because it represents a unique opportunity to collaborate with other leading professionals and companies in the legaltech field worldwide. What excites me most about collaborating in the largest legaltech hub is the possibility of being at the forefront of innovation in the legal sector and contributing to its evolution and growth.

5. What challenges does GLTH face in the coming years?

In my opinion, the challenges that the Global Legaltech Hub faces in the coming years include adapting to the changing needs and demands of the legal sector, driving the adoption of legaltech technologies and solutions among professionals and companies, and building a global ecosystem that promotes innovation and collaboration in the legaltech field. The Global Legaltech Hub has become a reality thanks to the effort and commitment of its members and partners. The challenge is to maintain steady and structured growth, always focused on the needs and objectives of the partners who make it up.

6. A dream to fulfill at GLTH?

A dream to fulfill at the Global Legaltech Hub would be to achieve its consolidation and international presence, making it a recognized space at an institutional level and with active participation in the most important forums of the legal sector. It is essential that innovation in the legal field is in the spotlight of everyone, since a more optimized legal and judicial system leads to fairer and more equitable states. By achieving this dream, the Global Legal Tech Hub would establish itself as a key catalyst for the transformation and improvement of the legal sector worldwide.

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