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Global Legaltech Hub faces the next stage of global growth with a new CEO

The entity's General Assembly confirms Albert Ferré as CEO

The Global Legaltech Hub Association held its General Assembly of members on 30 June. The event approved the renewal of the Board of Directors of GLTH and also the appointment of a new CEO. Albert Ferré will lead the organisation in its new phase focused on the expansion of the entity.

The president of the GLTH, Laura Urquizu, emphasised that "we are living a particularly exciting moment in the GLTH, after several awards and recognitions in 2022 and 2023 which show that we are at a high point and the hatching of Legaltech". In reference to the signing of Albert Ferré as the new CEO, she pointed out that "Albert has known the entity and the project from day one as he is part of the founding core; now our objective is to continue growing and for this his vision and enthusiasm are fundamental".

Francesc Muñoz was also re-elected in his position as vice-president and highlighted the great moment the entity is currently experiencing and the importance of growing by professionalising the General Management: "The sector is boiling and we need more than ever a strong and referent GLTH. Professionalising the entity is a commitment to continue providing much more value to the ecosystem and to the members".

The GLTH thus professionalises its structure and hopes to multiply its scope. Albert Ferré explained that "after making the GLTH an internationally recognised entity with more than 300 members, partners, and advisors around the world in just 3 years, the next objective is its exponential growth".

Albert Ferré explained the roadmap for his first year as CEO, which poses three major challenges. The first is to help all startups in the ecosystem from day one, which is why he has approved free GLTH fees for all startups founded less than 3 years ago that want to join the organisation. "We want to be a place of encounter and support for those who are starting out and for those who are growing, and with this 0 fee we are going to be just that", says Ferré. The second challenge is the growth of GLTH in LATAM, where "there are thousands of colleagues waiting to share new challenges; in the coming months we are going to finalise very powerful agreements in LATAM", he added. And the third challenge is to "help generate solid Legaltech ecosystems around the world" with the co-organisation of face-to-face events with local hubs in each geographical area.

At the General Assembly, the members of the Board were re-elected with Laura Urquizu as President; Francesc Muñoz, Ferran Sala and Albert Ferré as Vice-Presidents; Sergio Esteve De Miguel as Treasurer; and Joaquim Matinero as Secretary of the organisation.

About Albert Ferré Menor

Albert Ferré Menor is a father, lawyer and entrepreneur, focused on technology and law. He is co-founder and vice-president of the Global Legaltech Hub since 2020. He has been linked to the most disruptive technologies in various projects in the legal and cultural field since 2006, with special presence and development in the startup ecosystem.

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