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GLTH announces the appointment of Simonetta Buccellato and Diana Vaccaro as Alliance Ambassadors in Europe

Both are lawyers and co-founders of LexTranslate, a legal translation company that transcends borders and languages, providing its services to international law firms, entities, courts, companies, multinationals corporations, universities, and European Union institutions.

Simonetta has worked as a lawyer in law firms in Milan and Brussels, as well as at the Court of Justice of the EU and the European Commission. Diana, in turn, has also worked as a lawyer in various law firms in Brussels, Milan, and Madrid, as well as at the European Commission.


Both join the alliance team in Europe and will lead agreements with law firms, startups, corporations, as well as national and international entities, universities, governments, and hubs.


"Simonetta and Diana are professionals with an outstanding track record and remarkable energy, and that is exactly what we need in Alliances: people capable of building bridges throughout the ecosystem," declared Albert Ferré, Vice President and CEO of GLTH.


With Simonetta Buccellato and Diana Vaccaro joining the Alliance team, GLTH strengthens its position as a leading entity in the promotion of legaltech across Europe. This year it will engage with several events in Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Estonia, Poland, and Spain.


GLTH consolidates its international growth and partnerships with new key players. The expansion of the Alliance team and the forthcoming collaborations in the months ahead will mark a turning point in the history of GLTH.

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