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#GLTHinreview, the 1590-day story of innovation and community: The journey of the Global Legaltech Hub

By Laura Urquizu, President of GLTH

Four years ago, on February 19, 2020, the Global Legaltech Hub (GLTH) was born with a clear and shared vision: to connect the global legal ecosystem, bringing together professionals, startups, companies, corporations, and academic institutions to tackle the future of the legal industry driven by technological innovation. In those early days, we were a group of 19 founding members filled with dreams and hope, determined to transform the way technology and law intersect.

I vividly remember the first steps on our journey. Shortly after our founding, the COVID-19 pandemic struck, presenting us with unimaginable challenges for a newly established association. In that moment of global uncertainty, we faced a crossroads: to halt or to adapt. We chose the latter. We reinvented ourselves, demonstrating resilience and flexibility that became our hallmark. Technology became our ally, enabling work to continue, and our hub emerged as a beacon of hope and resources in dark times.

2021 witnessed our inaugural event, GLTHday, in Barcelona, a gathering dedicated to digital transformation and technology in the legal sector. It was an exciting milestone, filled with inspiring conversations and connections that endure to this day. That same year, we launched our blog, a space where we share articles on relevant topics in the legal and technological sectors, and we saw our network expand across five continents, rapidly growing to 100 partners.

In 2022, we took another step forward. We celebrated our GLTHday for the first time in Madrid, expanding our mission to new geographies. Additionally, we created our Advisory Board (arguably one of the most beautiful projects of our organization), comprised of 20 leading professionals in the global legaltech arena, bolstering our knowledge base and extending our influence. Our community continued to grow, surpassing 200 members for the first time, including partners, advisors, entities, and collaborators worldwide.

2023 continued to set the pace for our entity's growth. GLTHday evolved into a week of events, intensifying collaboration and idea exchange. We published several critical reports on the impact of generative artificial intelligence in legal practice, guiding our community on how to harness its benefits ethically and effectively. Our Advisory Board expanded to 50 professionals, and our network reached 300 members.

And now, in 2024, a year where we have significantly expanded our global connections. We have over 25 events scheduled worldwide, most of which are in-person, and we have strengthened our community by establishing partnerships with over 20 international hubs and entities. Our social media posts reach over 300,000 users annually, consistently spreading relevant information and trends. Our Advisory Board has grown to 60 professionals, and our community now exceeds 500 members, each one a pillar in our structure of innovation and progress.

Looking back, I feel profound gratitude for everyone who has been part of this incredible journey. Every member, every collaborator, and every ally has left an indelible mark on GLTH. We have overcome challenges, celebrated every success, and most importantly, learned and grown together.

But this is just the beginning. Technology and law continue to evolve exponentially, and so do we. New challenges and opportunities await us, and I am confident that together, we can continue to drive change and innovation. With hope and determination, we face the coming years knowing that GLTH will continue to be a beacon of inspiration and progress in the legal world.

Because if there's one thing we've learned in these four years, it's that the future of justice is in our hands. Together, we can build a world where technology and law come together to create a fairer, more efficient, and inclusive legal system. And I am certain that with the passion and dedication we have shown, there are no limits to what we can achieve.

President of the Global Legaltech Hub

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