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A leap forward in legaltech innovation: GLTH launches the 'People & Culture' area

In a groundbreaking event that exceeded all expectations, the Global Legaltech Hub (GLTH) proudly introduced its new People & Culture Area. Legaltech experts, legal advisors, and talent directors gathered at the Palacio de Santoña in Madrid for this significant occasion

Leading the charge in this new venture are Blanca Rodríguez Lainz (CMS Albiñana), Nacho Escobar (Finsolutia), and Beatriz Hernández (Deloitte Legal). Together, they shared invaluable insights into the future of talent and teams in the technological era. The GLTH event tackled pressing issues in talent and technology within the legal sector: legal branding, retention and career paths, multidisciplinary teams, new roles and work methodologies, self-management, identity and evolutionary purpose, and, of course, management 3.0.

Once again, the GLTH event distinguished itself with a remarkable presentation. Attendees actively engaged through technology, selecting topics for future People & Culture area events.

Blanca Lainz emphasized, "Much is said about rethinking how the technological revolution and AI will impact us. Perhaps it's time to take action. What better way than creating collaborative environments where we learn to build together the future that is already here and evolving at a dizzying pace. A clear challenge for talent areas is to support our teams in everything this revolution demands of them."

Adding to the discourse, Beatriz Hernández noted, "We've been observing how technology or innovation-focused profiles are becoming increasingly common in law firms. They will play a progressively significant role in collaborating with various legal departments, not only for their ability to generate new ideas or work methods but also for the value they bring to the client."

Nacho Escobar concluded, "The legal profession urgently needs to renovate its image. Many young professionals opting for law, especially those pursuing a second degree, are choosing to begin their careers outside the legal sphere because they perceive it as outdated and traditional, when in fact, it's not anymore."

The event received the special support of Albert Corbella, National Leader Spain at Claire Joster: "Claire Joster's commitment to people, the legal sector, and innovation" and reiterated their support for all events promoted by the new area. Meanwhile, Albert Ferré added that "legal technology must focus all its efforts on improving the lives of people and legal professionals".

Ferran Sala, GLTH Vice President, reaffirmed, "We must place people at the center of the global legaltech endeavor; otherwise, it wouldn't make sense. This new project aligns with the entity's vision and mission."

The GLTH People & Culture area is an inclusive space welcoming all who wish to join and foster community. To this end, the area will host various events throughout the year, as explained by its leaders.

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